Govt applauds GEL 

THE major agency for foreign universities in Tanzania and East African countries, Global Education Link (GEL), has been commended for its efforts to provide Tanzanians and East Africans with opportunities to study abroad at affordable costs.

The compliments were made by the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Adolf Mkenda, during his visit to GEL pavilion at the Higher Learning Institutions Exhibition.

The exhibitions include universities under TCU, and several foreign universities taking place at Mnazi Mmoja grounds in  Dar es Salaam.

Minister Mkenda said the government greatly appreciates the efforts made by agents of foreign universities, led by Global Education Link and other agents, in providing opportunities for Tanzanians to get education abroad, following the greater needs than the capacity of the country’s universities.

Prof Mkenda said, the agents of foreign universities not only help Tanzanians to secure study opportunities abroad, but they also help the nation to get experts in the important fields that Tanzania does not have.

On his part, Global Education Link Managing Director Abdul Malik Mollel said that this year, GEL has brought 14 universities that are conducting on spot admission at Mnazi Mmoja grounds.

Abdul Malik congratulated President Samia for opening up the country and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Tanzania Commission for Universities, TCU, for creating an enabling environment for foreign university agents to help the nation with study opportunities abroad.

The TCU exhibitions, which began on Monday of this week, have attracted more than 74 universities and institutions and are expected to climax today.

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