Govt allocates 12bn/- for Rukwa road projects

The government has allocated more than 12bn/- to the Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA) for the construction, rehabilitation and supervision of road projects in Rukwa region in the 2022/2023 financial year.

The budget is three times the budget of more than 4.2bn/- allocated in the previous financial year.

This was revealed yesterday during the signing of 29 contracts worth 6.18bn/- to implement road projects inked between TARURA and local contractors.

The 29 signed contracts involve road projects that would be executed in Sumbawanga municipality, Sumbawanga, Nkasi and Kalambo district councils.

The road projects will be executed for six months and upon completion will ease the movement of people, services and goods.

Witnessing the signing of 29 contracts, Rukwa Regional Commissioner, Ms Queen Sendinga warned those who signed the contracts of any misappropriation of the government money as stern measures will be taken against the culprits.

“You are now required to play your part diligently,” she emphasized captioning against adverse reports of underperformance or misappropriation of funds.

Ms Sendiga further said that TARURA in the region ought to oversee the project without fear, adding that value of money in the implementation of the projects should be observed.

“TARURA must be vigilant to ensure the projects are executed as per contract agreements and not otherwise,” she insisted.

The RC further explained that unreliable contractors should not be awarded tenders and the procurement requirements must strictly be observed.

Breaking down the 6.18bn/- which will finance the 29 roads projects, TARURA Rukwa Regional Manager, Eng Samson Kalesi said the fund includes 4.037bn/- from the Road Fund, 2.50bn/- from the central government and 5.50bn/- from fuel levy.

TARURA in Rukwa Region serves 3,304.26 km of road network with 75 bridges, 2,503 culverts, 37 drifts and 222 box culverts.

Additionally, the agency also serves 41.817 km of tarmac roads, 847.18 km of roads at gravel level and 1,418.66 km of roads at the sand level.

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