Government: Geological survey to improve mining

DODOMA: THE government plans to begin a countywide professional geological survey to identify the areas with diverse minerals deposits.

The move is meant to assist the local miners to invest in areas with mineral deposits.

The Minister for Minerals, Anthony Mavunde stated this during his meeting with Tanzania Mining Brokers Association (TMBA) to discuss issues to help improve the performance of the mining agents across the country.

He said most of the individuals and small companies have been wasting their efforts and money in searching for minerals in irrelevant areas, thus incurring huge financial losses.

“Under this plan the aim is to make a professional geological survey on all areas with potential minerals deposits and make the relevant information available to all stakeholders in the mining sector,” he expressed.

The development, he said, will put to an end a tendency among the local miners of just guessing over the availability of minerals deposits.

He said the government works to ensure that all areas with minerals deposits would be survey by 2030.

Also, he urged the association to ensure that minerals brokers stay away from minerals smuggling which weakens the country’s economy.

“Recently, we managed to seize a mineral consignment worth 500m/-which was in the process to be smuggled to outside the country. I then decided to revoke the licences of the implicated broker. I am kindly asking you to be vigilant and conduct your activities with a patriotic heart while adhering to regulations,” he cautioned them.

For his part, the chairman of the TMBA, Jeremiah Kituyo, said  the association was keen, and would assist the government to control minerals smuggling.

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