Government counsels media on gender violence

THE government has urged the media in Tanzania to ensure they put in place policies on gender issues which eliminate gender violence, especially among women who are the main victims.

Making the statement in Dar es Salaam over the weekend during the launch of Women in News Alumnae Chapter 2023, Chief Government Spokesperson, Mr Gerson Msigwa further said: “Media outlets should have policies which control issues of sexual violence, especially in the newsrooms and this will be the start of ending such inappropriate actions in the public.”

He said sexual violence has been denying women opportunities to excel, hence, vowed to deal with the perpetrators according to the law.

He added: “I am ready to face those who commit sexual violence to women, so don’t give up in fighting for your rights and I know there are many challenges but they will be solved.”

Equally, Mr Msigwa encouraged women to continue working hard and become role model to others in the public.

On her contribution, Women In News (WIN), a local Non-Governmental Organisation Manager, Dr Joyce Bazira, presented their study on issues of sexual violence experienced by women in the newsrooms, noting that one out of two women are  subjected to sexual violence.

“In Tanzania, 47 per cent of women have been subjected to verbal abuse while 38 per cent have experienced physical sexual abuse, of which only 21 per cent reported the ordeal,” she said.

Dr Bazira also said that women should speak when they face sexual harassment because by doing so, it will help in addressing such challenges.

On her part, the WIN Deputy Executive Director Jane Godia has said she was grateful to the Tanzanian government for promoting freedom of the media, saying it is good in today’s society in disseminating people’s rights.

One of the participants in the WIN training, Beatrice Bandawe, who is the Managing Editor of the Nipashe Newspaper, said it was timely in empowering the women folk to make rational decisions and good plans in the field of journalism.

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