Ghana launches AFCTA trade expedition to Tanzania

AFRICAN Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is collaborating with Ghana’s National AfCFTA Coordination Office (NCO) to undertake a trade expedition in Tanzania next month.

The National Coordinator of Ghana’s ACTA Coordination, Dr Farred Arthur, said in Dar es Salaam during the launching of the AFCTA trade expedition to Tanzania that the move envisaging to strength economic ties between Ghana and Tanzania.

“We cannot trade with ourselves alone; thus, we need reliable partners like Tanzania,” Dr Arthur said last Friday:

“Our aim is to create an economic environment where Ghanaians and Tanzanians can conduct business seamlessly, while further strengthening our bilateral relations.”

Dr Arthur said that the project commonly aims to explore opportunities for Ghanaian and Tanzanian enterprises to collaborate and trade under the (AfCFTA) agreement.

The expedition include a comprehensive programme of “Ghana Expo 2023-Tanzania” which will include the exhibition of Ghanaian and Tanzanian goods, seminars, and panel discussions by prominent personalities from both countries on economic development and strengthening bilateral ties.

Additionally, Dr Arthur said, the event will also feature matchmaking sessions to explore opportunities for value chain and supply chain linkages with Tanzanian counterparts.

The event serves as a beacon of hope for realising the vision of an economically liberated and united Africa, a dream shared by both founding presidents, Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, whose legacy continues to inspire these initiatives.

The Ghanaian High Commissioner to Kenya and with concurrent accreditation to Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, Mr Damptey Bediako Asare, said the expedition symbolises a profound commitment to shared values, mutual progress, and a united vision for an economically empowered Africa.

“Through this collective effort, Ghana and Tanzania are poised to unleash their full potential, capitalising on each other’s strengths to create a dynamic and resilient economic ecosystem,” Mr Asare said.

The shared vision, according to him, serves as an inspiration for the entire African continent, reinforcing the belief that through collaboration and unity, a brighter and more prosperous future lies ahead for all.

“This collaborative journey had only just begun, and he eagerly anticipated witnessing the fruitful outcomes of this profound alliance unfold in the years to come,” he said.

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