GGML celebrates African Child Day, enlighten on education right

In celebration to  mark the day of the African Child on June 16 this year,  Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) has carried out various campaigns, including providing education on the rights of the African child and his/her responsibilities in the society.

In the event, GGML has collaborated with diffrent stakeholders including the Police Force through its Gender Desk and Geita District Council to provide various educations on the rights and responsibilities of the child in the community in the villages surrounding the mine namely Bugulula, Kasota and Nyawilimilwa.

Speaking on behalf of GGML senior manager in charge of community relations , Gilbert Mworia said that children are an important part of the ety that should be involved in various aspects of development.

He added: “The Day of the African Child is important for each of us because it reminds us of the importance of this group in our society. Children are the nation now and tomorrow, we should protect them by providing them with their basic rights including education. GGML will continue to implement various projects that benefit children within the Geita region and Tanzania in general, including the construction of schools, health centers, infrastructure and sustainable projects that are productive for sustainable development,” he said, while calling upoon  parents and guardians not to allow children to enter mining areas to eke out a living or for  income as it is a dangerous environment.”

Providing education to children and parents at Kamlale Primary School located in Nyawilimwila ward in Geita District Council, the Acting Executive Director of Geita District Council Ms. Rehema Kabanda  said that the government will continue to encourage the best use of digital technology in order to protect  children from unnecessary activities in the mine and society.

She added: “The theme  of the African Child  Day emphasizes the consideration of the child’s safety in the digital world. We call on parents and guardians to properly guide their children on safe digital use as it is a source of moral erosion in society and affects our development all.”

The Day of the African Child is a day celebrated every year on June 16. The day began to be celebrated in 1991 when it was designated by the African Union to honor the contributions of children who participated in the protests in the city of Soweto, South Africa in 1976 as well as to build community awareness of the importance of quality education for children.

On that day, thousands of children in the country of South Africa gathered in the town of Soweto for a protest aimed at demanding better education. Hundreds of children were shot and killed while over a thousand children were injured.

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