GGHSP out to strengthen Tanzania, Japan relations

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Embassy of Japan in Tanzania has said Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGHSP) is a good opportunity to strengthen relations and understand the real situation in Tanzania, unlike through normal diplomatic activities.

Japan’s Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Yasushi Misawa, made the remarks during the visit to the Grassroots Grant Project site, which went hand in hand with the classroom handover ceremony at Kibohehe Primary School in Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region.

“I would like to make good use of the knowledge and experience I gained through these projects to plan and achieve better cooperative partnerships between Tanzania and Japan,” he said.

Elaborating, he said the planning and implementation of GGHSP, presents an important opportunity to communicate directly with local communities of Tanzania in rural areas and learn the problems and challenges that people in Tanzania face in their daily lives.

“It is difficult, in my opinion, for us to comprehend Tanzania’s actual condition using merely diplomatic means, and it is also challenging to develop and work toward a better future partnership between Tanzania and Japan,” he said.

He added “I believe that this programme means a lot, not only to the people who benefit directly from the aid but also to me, the embassy staff, and the Japanese government.”

He further noted that in order to improve ties between the two nations, diplomats’ primary duty is to communicate, confer, and work together with the central government of the nation they are sent to.

“However, as ambassadors of our nation, Japan, I think the diplomats deployed to Tanzania have the most important task: getting to know and comprehend this stunning nation, Tanzania, and its people,” he noted.

On her note of appreciation, School Headmistress Florah Natai commended the Japanese Embassy for the construction of seven classrooms, teachers’ offices, pupils’ toilets, 184 desks, five (5) chairs, and five (5) tables, which all together cost over 206m/-.

She noted that the embassy decided to support the construction of the school which was badly hit by strong winds accompanied by heavy rains, unroofing classrooms and teachers’ offices and killing one pupil in 2018.

“Pupils had to be transferred to a different school but the embassy made a wise decision in sending the volunteers, and they performed a fantastic job. We formally inaugurate the building today,” she said

GGHSP is a part of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to developing countries since 1989, whereby the government of Japan provides support to non-profit organisations that are engaged in the social development sector in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, it has implemented many projects across the country, especially in the education and health sectors. The total number of projects is 383 totaling 27 million US dollars.

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