Georgina: My darndest aspiration is to be ‘Samia’

IT was all smiles and deep admiration as eight-year-old Georgina Magesa tasted the Presidency when President Samia Suluhu Hassan allowed the young girl to share her seat, making her dream of becoming a future President a reality in a few seconds.

The historic moment did not only create an indelible mark on Georgina’s life but moved the hearts of the audience who took part at the launching event of Azam Media Company’s Digital Telestial Television (DTT) project held at their premises in Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

Such a captivating moment was not President Samia’s only one as just a month ago, she managed to fulfill the dream of a 15-year-old boy from Nyakanazi-Kagera Region– Hamimu Baranyikwa who was suffering from a skin ailment.

Equally, her expression was noted on her choice of words and the way she articulated matters reflected the intelligence of the eight-year-old young author who studies at the Dar es Salaam International School (DIS).

Expressing the way she felt on the sidelines of the event, Georgina said “having seated on a high seat I have tested and known how it feels like to be the President”.

“I felt really nice after meeting the President,” Georgina, who is also aiming to become a very famous author in the entire global history, stated to the young author with face lit with joy.

She added: “President Samia asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I replied that I want to be the President and a very famous author across the entire global history. She also asked me about my books after I handed them to her.”

Georgina has so far written three books and managed to publish two titled ‘My Stories About Adventures’ and ‘Georgina na Mazingira ” all aimed at inspiring her fellow children to have passion about the country’s attractions and the need to protect biodiversity.

Earlier before the eight-year-old walked through the stage from the middle seats confidently as she approached, she slightly bowed down expressing a greeting as President Samia extended her arms to give the girl a motherly hug.

The audience including the President were taken through a short video interview of the girl, which was featured in one of Azam’s television programmes, where Georgina expressed her interest and dream of meeting the President.

In the video Georgina said: “I am hoping to meet the President…have only seen her on the billboard in the streets, seen her pictures in books and sometimes on the television, but I am hoping to see her face to face and talk to her. This will make me really happy.”

She added: “I hope to see her face to face and set eye to eye contact.” And, the young girl observed that should she meet with the President, she was going to introduce herself, tell her where she was from, her age and her hobbies.

Unlike many other children of her age who possess hobbies such as watching cartoons, playing with their counterparts and games, on the contrary Georgina likes to read and write books, singing, dancing and drawing, stressing her major hobby was reading books.

Georgina noted that whenever she visited relatives or other places she would always ask for books from their hosts.

In the previous reports which were covered by the media outlet on the girl, it is spotted that Georgina’s intelligence quotient (IQ) is way beyond her age, for instance, her encounter with former Vice Chancellor at the University of Dar es Salaam Prof Rwekaza Mukandara and Veteran Politician and Gender Champion Mama Getrude Mongella exemplified her great abilities.

In another development, Azam Media veteran female journalists including Khadija Saidi, Violeth Maro, Deborah Mwenda and Eddah Sanga were awarded for their outstanding contributions in the great history of the media profession in Tanzania.

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