Geita RPC bans community guards at police stations

GEITA Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Safia Jongo has banned community guards from assuming police duties at police stations.

ACP Jongo made the order on Tuesday this week while speaking to journalists and explained that the decision comes as she had received many complaints from Geita residents, who claimed to be harassed by the community guards.

She said the investigation has revealed that some of the police stations in the district have community guards who perform the same duties as police officers and when they go to arrest the suspect, they use excessive force which is against the law.

The commander urged the executive officers to stop using the community guards when they need to arrest suspects as they have been blamed for causing violences against citizens and promoting bribes.

She further directed that in case there is much demand for using the community guards then they must be accompanied by at least one police officer to lead them not to the field.

The commander urged the Geita residents to report once they see community guards working at the police station.

She also warned police officers who have a tendency to charge money to arrest the suspect to stop such behavior since arresting suspects is their responsibility.

“The police service as a whole, from the time you report a case until the suspect is arrested, is completely free, the army is under the government and the government’s protection and security services are free.

“If any police officer charges you for arrest services, it is not correct, that is bribery and the law forbids charging someone money for the service of arresting a suspect,” she stated.

He urged the citizens once they have a problem, they should report to the police station to file a case for investigation to be done and suspect to be arrested in accordance with the procedures, laws and regulations of the country.

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