Geita records 90pc access to essential drugs

GEITA Region has recorded 90 per cent access of essential drugs and medical equipment in its health facilities.

The Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr Omar Sukari said that the improved accessibility is the result of improved Health Management Information System (HMIS).

DrSukari revealed that in an exclusive interview with ‘Daily News’ in Geita Town Council a few days after the Health Management Information System (HMIS) training to Health officers in the region.

He saidaccess to essential drugs and medical health equipment is the result of strengthen HMIS on medical procurement and supplying procedures.

The RMO said HMIS has been developed by the government through the Medical Stores Department (MSD) to enable health facilities to order medicines directly and avoid long procedures.

“Currently, MSD may supply medicines directly to our dispensaries, health centers and hospitals unlike before,where the supply of medicines has to pass through the RMO office.

“This has helped a lot to control sabotage in medicine and medical supplies our region, we are planning to ensure regular inspection and track the whole chain from when the drugs are procured to the consumers.”

HMIS Committee board member, Mr Amir Muhandosaid the system has eliminated excessive bureaucracy on the procurement of medical equipment and reagents.

“Since we have improved the HMIS system, the problem of drug shortages at service delivery centreshas decreased significantly, especially to the dispensaries, health centers and district hospitals,” he said.

MrMuhando said that statistics show that the HMIS has improved the availability of essential drugs at health care centers from 40 percent to more than 80 percent to date.

“Our major goal is to ensure that we narrow the gap from the current accessibility to 100 percent access to ensure availability of medicines in all health facilities.” MrMuhando explained.

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