Geita RC cautions over misuse of govt tablets

GEITA Regional Commissioner, Mr Martin Shigella has directed teachers to ensure they properly use tablets provided to them so that they can yield the intended results.

Mr Shigella made the call recently during a function to hand over 6,792 tablets to primary and secondary school teachers in the region.

Through the programme a total of 12,229 tablets have been provided to teachers in the region.

He said the provision of the devices aims at empowering teachers in execution of their duties so that they can fight three enemies of development namely ignorance, diseases and poverty.

“These tablets should be part of motivating teachers and enhance monitoring activities.

“We won’t accept any misuse of these tablets, they are not provided for taking photos and other social networking rather they are meant for improving teaching and learning in schools,” he said.

“You must take care of them because we shall make a follow up to find out if you have lost them and under what circumstances. If it is by negligence, then you will be responsible for not taking care of the government property,” he directed.

Geita Regional Education Officer, Mr Mjibu Mustafa thanked the government for providing the tablets, saying the gadgets will help to improve academic performance in the region.

He added that the devices will help teachers and other education officers to get accurate and timely information to facilitate implementation of the education policy in the region.

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