Geita Headmasters ordered to punish negligent teachers

GEITA: GEITA District Council Executive Director Karia Rajab Magaro has directed public schools’ headmasters to ensure they take punitive measures against teachers who fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

Mr Magaro made the order recently during the meeting that involved District Council Secondary Education Officer and heads of secondary schools in Geita town.

The meeting focused on making an assessment to improve education performance within the council.

He said available information shows that some teachers fail to fulfill their duties since they spend working hours drinking in pubs in the area.

He added that some teachers spend working hours doing their own business instead of teaching.

“Please, let’s not be ashamed of each other, it is wrong when a teacher enters the classroom while drunk and the headmaster is aware of the situation but no punishment is taken,” he said.

He added: “Spending working hours on private businesses is also unacceptable; it is unfair since these teachers are being paid by the government,”

Mr Magaro ordered for stern measures against teachers who go against principles, rules and directives that guide their jobs.

“We need to deal with negligent teachers, this will help us to boost our education sector,” he noted.

In addition, he urged the school heads to effectively manage the projects that are being implemented in their schools so that they can be completed on time and with the intended quality.

Secondary Education Officer of Geita District Council, Richard Makoye said all teachers must do their jobs as required.

“We should not wait for the push to do our job, let be responsible in offering quality education for the development of our country,” he said.

Mr Makoye said the form two National Assessment Pass rate for 2022 was 86 percent while the Certificate Secondary Education Examination pass rate was 77.3 percent.

However, he said the target was to get 90 per cent for both form two and form four national examinations in 2023.

Chairman of the session, the headmaster of Katoro secondary school, Mr George Hezron said a total of 74 headmasters participated in the session while 71 of them were from public schools and three from private schools.

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