Geita Director commends GGML for opening opportunities for women,

GEITA Town Council Executive Director, Zahara Michuzi has commended the Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) for establishing programs that aim at opening various opportunities that uplift women educationally, socially and economically.

She has also praised the company for continuing to cooperate with the people around the mine through the company’s social responsibility program (CSR) as well as implementing the requirements of the mining laws to the extent of being a winner more than twice in the awards for the largest taxpayer in the mining sector.

Michuzi made the statement recently in an interview with Daily News in Geita Town, commenting about International Women’s Day which is celebrated on every March 8.

She said GGML and the council have been cooperating well in programs to build the capacity of girls through the schools they attend.

She gave an example that last year they offered special training to the students of Nyankumbu Girls’ School in Geita Region.

“This year we will look for another school where we will gather girls from secondary and primary schools to make them see how women have the same role as men in fulfilling the goals of the entire nation,” she said.

Along with this cooperation, she urged the stakeholders in the region to be a role models just like GGML to the extent of winning more than two awards every year for being the best taxpayer.

“It means that GGML supports the government in providing services without budgetary constraints. Therefore, cooperation is needed and on behalf of the government will give them sufficient cooperation to ensure the goal of the government to solve people’s challenges is achieved,” she said.

Commenting on International Women’s Day, Michuzi said it is a day that reminds her that women have the same potential as the other gender.

“I thank President Samia Suluhu Hassan for recognizing and believing in the female gender, especially the young people, compared to the concept that existed in the past because at our age you would not be appointed to be given major responsibilities.

“But we are also grateful for trusting us, the move has given us confidence and commit ourselves to convince her that she  made the right appointment.

“I call upon other leaders to continue having trust in girls and women in the areas they lead in order to lift them up and make them believe that they can do great things,” she said.

In addition, she advised young daughters and fellow women to believe in themselves that they can, to believe in the talents God has given them and not to underestimate themselves even when they are going through the turmoil of being pushed back.

She called on women to give out the talents they have and not hide them, because the government is there to support them including GGML to ensure that women are not pushed back so that they can go to the equality that they are currently fighting for.

GGML has been implementing various programs to raise women, including the Female Future Tanzania Program (FFT) which is coordinated by the Tanzania Employment Association (ATE) with the aim of empowering women to hold high positions.

Also, the company, which gives priority to employment for women, is implementing a master’s degree program in business management (MBA) as well as other training programs within the company with the aim of raising women to hold high leadership positions.

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