GCLA donation targets motivating students on science

GOVERNMENT Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA) has donated science books for secondary schools in Tanga Region, a move aimed at enhancing students to pursue science-related courses.

The authority has donated 786 textbooks for Form V and VI as well as chemicals for school science laboratories.

During a handing over ceremony at Mkata Secondary School, Handeni District Commissioner Siriel Mchembe asked students to like studying science subjects, arguing that nowadays the world is run by science and technology revolution.

“Through education policy, the government seeks to make sure that more students study science,” Mr Mchembe explained.

He said GCLA has contributed various school items in order to inspire students to learn and love science subjects so that they can go in line with current development in the globe, where science and technology is inevitable.

“Due to fast advancement of science and technology in the world, teachers, parents and the general public are supposed to encourage children to study science subjects, including Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics,” he argued.

Increasing the number of science students would enable the country produce more medical experts, engineers, teachers and others, he said.

The DC said the government has managed to resolve challenges of shortage of science teachers in Tanga as more than 40 teachers have been recruited for the region.

On his part, Chief Government Chemist Dr Fidelice Mafumiko called on students to use the donated textbooks and chemicals for studying hard and develop love for science.

“We believe that these science textbooks and laboratory chemicals can help these schools to prepare science experts, especially considering that the government has put in place efforts to make the country attain middle economy,” Dr Mafumiko stated.

Commenting, Handeni District Secondary Education Officer John Lupenza said secondary schools in the district were facing shortage of teachers, laboratories and textbooks, a situation which was forcing students to shun science subjects.

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