Fund for PWDs yet to be formed – Govt

THE National Fund for Persons with Disabilities has not yet been able to begin its operations due to directives issued in 2020, indicating that all economic empowerment funds are to be inter-linked, the august House heard here yesterday.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Labour, Youth, Employment and People with Disabilities) Patrobas Katambi told the National Assembly that the fund has completed all important steps for it to become operational.

“The procedure to connect the funds was accompanied by an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Funds’ performance,” the deputy minister said in response to a question by Special Seats MP, Stella Ikupa, who wanted to know when the National Fund for Persons with Disabilities will commence operations.

In response to a basic question by the legislator, the deputy minister said as soon as the evaluation is completed, all stakeholders will be informed about the establishment and operation of the Funds, including the National Fund for Persons with Disabilities.

According to Mr Katambi, the Fund for Persons with Disabilities was established in accordance with Article 57 of the Law on Persons with Disabilities No. 9 of 2010.

“In fulfilling the government’s mandate of establishing this Fund, various steps have been taken by the government, including the preparation of the management, coordination, and operation guide for the relevant Fund, as well as the opening of the Fund’s account,” he explained.

In a supplementary question, Khadija Taya wanted to know when will the sunscreen lotion for Persons with Albinism (PWAs) start being distributed, since 60m/- was provided to the ministry for the purpose.

Responding, he said currently the sunscreen lotions are manufactured at Kilimanjaro Christians Medical Centre (KCMC) in Moshi, therefore, the government does not need to import the products.

“The issue of distribution needs coordination in which he asked the legislator to contact him to ensure every PWA gets the product,” he said.

Mr Katambi further said the government will also make the procedures transparent for many PWAs to easily get the product.


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