French Schools Challenge: Why sports crucial in upbringing

DAR ES SALAAM: Sports is a tool that helps to teach great values like respect, team work and self improvement which are vital for proper upbringing.

The French International School Tanzania Principal Caroline Miannay has said this during the opening of the 2024 French Schools Challenge at the school’s main campus in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday.

The challenge has brought together eight teams from seven countries which are Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Angola and hosts Tanzania with the sake of uplifting cultural integration.

“Sports teach us great values like respect, teamwork, and self-improvement…this year, we are focusing on gender equality and combating all forms of discrimination.

“We live in a multicultural world, and sports are a fantastic way to bring us together, regardless of our origins or gender,” she said.

She added that as the principal, she was excited to host the second edition of the event insisting that there is power in unity and coming together.

“They are being taught how to work together that is why boys and girls are engaging in one sport…they are grasping the spirit of winning together and losing my together,” she said.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the gathering is also a good form of fighting against discrimination.

On his part, the school’s Physical Education teacher Emmanuel Isobe also said bringing together athletes from different countries is essential.

“As you can see, they are all enjoying the moment and this is great when it comes to cooperation, this is what sports is all about,” he said.

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