Form Six leavers ordered to report for Compulsory National Service Training

THE Chief of National Service (CNS), Major General Rajabu Mabele, has asked all form six leavers who graduated in 2023 in the Mainland Tanzania to report to the National Service (JKT)’s army camps between June 01 and 11, 2023 for a compulsory National Service training.

The announcement by the CNS was delivered here by the National Service Head of Administration, Brigadier General, Hassan Mabena when addressing journalists at JKT headquarters yesterday.

Brig. Gen. Mabena said  that all 2023 Form Six leavers were required to join the National Service on compulsory training and should report to various JKT camps located all over the country latest before June 11.

“Now, the procedures in joining the compulsory national service has been simplified further, whereas the national service has partnered with the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) and, Form Six leavers would browse in National Service website, and type their full names to get all the details including list of stuff that they are required to carry when they report to their camps.

He named the 19 camps which will host the recruits as JKT Rwamkoma (Mara), JKT Msange (Tabora), JKT Ruvu, Kibiti (Coast region), JKT Mpwapwa, Makutupora (Dodoma), JKT Mafinga (Iringa), JKT Mlale (Ruvuma), JKT Mgambo, Maramba (Tanga), JKT Makuyuni and Oljoro in Arusha.

Other are JKT Bulombora, Kanembwa, Mtabila (Kigoma), JKT Itaka (Songwe), JKT Luwa Milundikwa (Rukwa) and JKT Nachingwea in Lindi region.

He said recruits with physical disabilities should report at JKT Ruvu camp at Mlandizi in the Coast Region as the camp has special facilities for people with disabilities.

Brigadier General Mabena said voluntary training will be announced later for those who wish to join the training programme.

The National Service which is operating under a set of laws passed by Parliament ‘National Service Act No. 16 of 1964 (Re 2002), requires all youths graduating from secondary schools to join the army for military training and other national service activities.

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