Forget 2023, focus on new 2024

ANOTHER year draws to a close and with a fresh new one just around the corner, the final day of December is the perfect day to reflect on the past 12 months and everything that you’ve achieved this year. I’d strongly encourage you to do so.

There’s a tendency at this time of year to focus a lot of our time, attention and efforts on New Year’s resolutions, but it is also important to spend a bit of time looking backwards and reflecting on the successes of the year just gone, particularly given the turbulence and upheaval that continues around us.

If you cast your mind back to the very start of the year, how different did things look for you back then? Perhaps you were in a different role, perhaps even at a different organisation entirely.

Or maybe, for better or worse, you’re in a very similar situation now as then. But I’ll bet that you’ve achieved more than you imagine.

Maybe you have managed to improve your work-life balance. Maybe you have confronted a problem that was holding you back.

Perhaps you have met some inspiring new people along the way. Whatever it may be, celebrate it. Be proud of your achievements this year, and use them as the grounding for even more success next year.

For many people not only in Tanzania but across the globe, this is a time for reflection, to spend time with friends or family, to go out for a cozy meal, to look back at the past year, or to await or prepare for the new one with customs, rituals or by making resolutions.

For the people of Hanang District of Manyara Region, it will take them time to forget 2023, especially those who lost loved ones.

The disaster struck the district from late on 02 December 2023, when heavy rain in the area triggered flooding and landslides to gush down steep slopes of Mount Hanang, and into areas around the towns of Katesh and Gendabi. It is believed that more than 70 Tanzanians lost their lives.

Let us welcome 2024 with open arms and wish for the best as we close the 2023 chapter.

May this year be a symphony of joy, a canvas of success, and a tapestry woven with cherished moments. Happy New Year 2024 – here’s to a year filled with sparkle, growth and endless possibilities!

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