Food vendors in Dodoma go for clean energy

DODOMA: FOOD vendors in Dodoma region have breathed a sigh of relief after receiving 500 gas cylinders and stoves.

The donation was given by Oryx Gas Tanzania Limited (OGTL) in collaboration with an MP for Dodoma Urban, Mr Anthony Mavunde, who is also Minister for Minerals.

The donation is expected to facilitate them in their activities and protect their health.

Speaking during the event over the weekend, OGTL Managing Director Benoite Araman said the cost of all gas cylinders and stoves was 41m/-.

He said they will continue to follow the instructions of the government encouraging the use of clean energy for cooking by continuing to distribute the cylinders to people of various groups.

“Cooking with gas protects the environment, protects health by preventing them from inhaling smoke that affects their lungs which is the result of the use of firewood and charcoal,” he said.

Mr Araman said the use of clean cooking energy, especially gas, makes women spend less time cooking, so they get a chance to do other development activities.

On his part, Mr Mavunde said the government is well organised to ensure that all Tanzanians are using gas to protect the environment and their lives.

“I am grateful to the Oryx Gas Company for accepting our request to support the food vendors of Dodoma City by providing them with gas stoves which will help them protect the environment and their health,” Mr Mavunde said.

He said it is through President Samia Suluhu Hassan, that a lot of Tanzanians are going to use gas for their daily activities.

President Samia envisions that 80 per cent of Tanzanians should use clean energy by the year 2032 to get rid of environmental pollution that leads to climate change.

“We thank President Samia for prioritising and being diligent in managing this matter and as you can see the guidelines that have been issued here will reduce the use of charcoal. If we reduce the use of firewood and charcoal, we will have reduced the environmental pollution as well as protecting our health,” he said.

Mr Mavunde said President Samia’s campaign that encourages the use of clean energy is going to save the lives of mothers and fathers who spend most of their time cooking by using firewood and charcoal.

OGTL Marketing Manager, Mr Peter Ndomba, trained food vendors on the safe use of cooking gas, the aim being to take precautions to avoid possible harm by not paying attention to safety when using a gas stove.

He said the company’s strategy, apart from providing gas cylinders and stoves to the people, has also been creating awareness among gas users to protect them from harm that may be caused by the poor handling of gas.

Special Seats Member of Parliament representing a group of Civil Society Organisations through Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Ms Neema Lugangira said she was aware of the challenges that women go through in preparing food at home.

Dodoma District Commissioner, Alhaj Jabiri Shekimweri, emphasised that food vendors should make sure they use the gas stove properly to avoid harm that may be caused by the gas.

“It is important for the food vendors who have received the stoves to have education about the best way to use gas without getting any harm. I am happy to hear that Oryx Gas Company is also providing education on the use of the gas stove,” he noted.

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