Focus on new Constitution as Minister tables 2023/24 spending plan

Minister of Constitutional and Legal Affairs Dr Damas Ndumbaro has tabled 383.6bn/- budget proposal for the 2023/24 FY in Dodoma on Tuesday saying the main task for the next financial year is to coordinate the new constitution process.

Apart from the new constitution, the Minister told MPs, his Ministry will throw the weight behind civil education on the constitution.

Elaborating how the requested amount will be spent in the next FY, Dr Ndumbaro said 5bn/- is for Judicial Service Commission and another 18bn/- is for the Attorney General’s Office.

Dr Ndumbaro added that another 17bn/- will go to the Solicitor’s General office, 68.7bn/- to the National Prosecutions Service Office and 217.9bn/- for court funds.

Additionally, the Minister said 42bn/- will go to the Ministry of Constitution and Law (RITA and LST) and 5bn/- is for the Law Reform Commission.

Explaining how the Constitutional and Legal Affairs docket performed in this fiscal year, he said from July 2022 to March, 2023 there were a total of 252,882 cases of which 58,266 cases existed from the beginning of July, 2022 and 194,616 cases were opened.

 He added, out of the 252,882 cases, 199,122 were heard and concluded while the remaining 53,760 cases are yet to be concluded.

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