Floods render 951 households homeless in Kilombero

MOROGORO: SEVERAL households in Taweta village, Masagati Ward, Kilombero District, Morogoro region have been rendered homeless after their homes were flooded and others collapsed following heavy rains on April 1 this year.

According to initial reports, the floods affected 951 households, but the number is likely to increase as disaster management committees continue to assess the social and economic impact of the floods.

Regional and district government leaders have already travelled to Masagati Ward by air to assess the situation and take steps to assist those affected by the floods.

Earlier, Masagati Ward Councillor Blasius Makao said in a telephone interview yesterday that the rains which led to the floods began on April 1 and continued for two consecutive days.

Makao said a total of 179 households have been affected including 15 homes that have been severely damaged, with seven of them collapsing and the rest at risk of collapsing due to extensive damage.

The ward councillor said that a total of 895 people are currently unable to live in their homes because they are surrounded by water.

“As of now, Masagati Ward is surrounded by floodwaters since April 1 this year… people are taking shelter at the village government office, the ward office and at schools,” Makao said.

The councillor appealed to various stakeholders to come forward and assist the victims with food, clothes and other basic human needs during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, the government has managed to provide transport to 540 passengers who were stranded in the Lumumwe area, Mlimba Ward, Kilombero District after heavy rains damaged bridges, culverts and debris from landslides covered the Tazara railway line.

Kilombero District Commissioner Dunstan Kyobya visited the area yesterday to inspect the damage and provide assistance to passengers who had been stranded for a long time in the area after coming from Makambako, Njombe region.

Kyobya said that all passengers were provided train transport, which usually operates in Dar es Salaam city, popularly known as Mwakyembe.

He said the train arrived in Mlimba and carried all stranded passengers to Dar es Salaam.

In addition, he informed the residents of Kalengakelu Ward where the road infrastructure has been damaged by the rains that Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) experts in Morogoro region are working to reconnect the villages of Kalengakelu and Ngwasi.

The DC used the opportunity to urge all residents in the district to continue taking precautions against the rains during this period and to supervise their children from playing in water puddles.

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