Five men convicted of audacious 2019 heist

Five men have been found guilty of an audacious jewel heist in the German city of Dresden.

The thieves stole precious items worth €113m (£98m) from the city’s state museum in 2019.

Police recovered many of the jewels, including a diamond encrusted sword, but it’s feared the rest of the looted treasure may never be found.

The men, all members of a notorious criminal family network, face sentences of four to six years.

This was a meticulously planned heist. The gang, who lived in Berlin, visited the site several times and prepared their entry point in advance, using a hydraulic cutting machine to saw through the bars of a protective window covering before taping them back into place.

Then, in the early hours of the morning of 25 November 2019, they set fire to a circuit breaker panel near the museum, plunging the surrounding streets into darkness while two of the men slipped inside.

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