Fire breaks out in school dorm in Geita

GEITA: UNKNOWN source of fire erupted at Mary Queen of Peace Girls’ Secondary School’s one of their dormitories in Geita, under the Catholic Diocese of Geita on Monday.

The Fire and Rescue Service Commander for Geita Region Commander Superintendent Shaban Dawa reported the incident after arriving at the scene, adding that none of the students got entangled in the infrno.

He explained that the fire incident was reported on October 23, 2023 and they responded on time to control it from spreading to destroy other properties in the dormitory.

Superintendent Dawa commented that the Fire and rescue officials successfully extinguished the fire and saved the properties and victims of the incident.

The commander said there were no deaths though the accident led to health effects to five students who were taken to the hospital for health care and checkup.

“Until now (Monday evening), the fire officials are working on the investigation to find out what caused the incident and if there is anything behind it, so that we can provide the official report.”

The commander urged owners of all schools to adhere to safety rules in their schools as the fire brigades have been providing education to students to save themselves from disasters.

“Each dormitory should have more than one door, good arrangement of beds; there should be no random ironing sockets, a special dormitory should be made for such activities.

“We always provide education, so it is a very important thing for the schools to take precautions together with the students themselves.”

The secretary of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Geita, Father Yohane Mabula said that the fire accident led to the loss of students’ properties as well as school properties whose value is not yet known.

Father Mabula urged the students to report their colleagues who use dangerous substances that endanger the safety of their lives and property as well.

A Form One student at Mary Queen of Peace School, Ms Winifrida Frank said that before the accident they heard an explosive sound of something unknown, suddenly they smelled smoke and thereafter a fire explosion.

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