Fire alarm interrupts Bunge session

A MINOR repair beneath the National Assembly’s main debating chamber elicited panic among lawmakers during the ongoing budget session, here on Tuesday.

Detailing on the incident, Speaker of the Parliament Dr Tulia Ackson, a speck of smoke had emanated from underground works that forced the smoke detectors inside the debating chamber to go on, compelling the MPs and other visitors to scamper for their safety.

“I’m relieved to see all members safe and sound after the alarms went on, sending MPs into frenzy as everyone was caught unawares,” said the Speaker shortly after the question and answer session resumed.

Dr Tulia however commended the MPs amidst the panic, for duly and ably accessing the House’s exit points, as they headed to the fire assembly points without any hitches.

She however took the opportunity to remind the legislators to use gate number C, should a similar incident happen in the future. Speaker Tulia described it as a ‘gateway to safety’.

According to Dr Tulia, it took her 30 seconds to comprehend with the fire sirens that echoed through the main debating chamber. “At first, I thought it was one of the MPs phone ringing until I suspended the session and asked all members to leave the hall,” she recalled. Moments after the siren went off, a fire fighting engine was seen streaming into the National Assembly’s premises, accompanied by an ambulance.

The MPs used the 25-minute break to catch up with their guests, while others took time to reflect on the incident. The members would later resume business after they were assured of their safety.

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