Film launched to promote ethics

THE Tabia Njema Kids Animation has officially launched a short film that promotes ethics and integrity for children in primary school as a way of curbing the rapid increase of misconduct, moral decay and corruption in the country.

Tabia Njema Kids Animation is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) alumni project that focuses on promoting ethics and integrity for children through animation videos in Tanzania.

Speaking during a launching ceremony held in Dar es Salaam, a representative from YALI Alumni, Fredrick Fussi, said their aim is to impart integrity starting at the child level believing that is the easier bridge to educate other children, adults as well as building a good generation.

“This film imparts three most important things to a child, first to know his responsibility, to practice justice and thirdly to obey the laws of the country and our goal is to ensure that this film goes countrywide. We want to restore morals and justice in the society because we believe these children are the nation of tomorrow,” Fussi said.

In addition, he said the film has been produced by the collaboration of four YALI Alumni, namely Ian Tarimo, Gloria Anderson, Sarah Chodota, himself and sponsored by the US Embassy in Tanzania.

Mr Fussi said their intention is to produce more series of the same context that will be touching other areas of moral decal apart from corruption.

“This film is just the beginning… it is not only a matter of corruption; we shall produce other films related to many other areas that have not been indicated in this particular film. We want to build discipline, and mutual respect from child level to others,” he added.

On his part, the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Director of Public Education, Joseph Mwaiswelo, applauded the institute for releasing the film, saying PCCB will ensure that it gets to all its clubs, so as to create a country with more patriots.

“Our anti-corruption clubs start from primary schools to universities, we believe through this film students will continue learning, but also there are clubs of other institutions such as Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), the Immigration authorities…we shall also help and ensure that the film reaches to everyone so that we all have a better country,” he said.

Elaborating, he said, as part of the film teaches children how to adhere to good deeds and say no to corruption, he said education is vital for a sustainable development.

“We are aiming at having sustainable development. In order for development to exist, we must fight against all acts of corruption. Where there is corruption, justice can’t prevail and if there is no justice, there can’t be peace and if there is no peace, we cannot be developed.

“Corruption is evil and evil must be uprooted. This film was created to promote values among Tanzanians through students; we believe that the next generation is very important for the development of our country. We want students to learn the importance of integrity in their lives and families. This generation has had a lot of challenges,” he said.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Academic Officer, Eva Mosha said in a world where children can hear and see things anywhere it is important to teach them what is wrong and what is right, as well as their culture so as to prevent them from engaging in wrong doings.

However, she urged the children gathered at the ceremony to practice what they have been taught and also teach their fellows the right things to do as taught by the film.

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