Film industry set for new heights

DAR ES SALAAM: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has pledged commitment to supporting artists in the nation, particularly filmmakers to enhance Tanzania’s tourism and cultural industries.

Speaking during the launch of Rajab Kahali alias Harmonize’s new album in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, President Samia said she would be travelling with artists during her work visits overseas to provide them with exposure and networking opportunities with other artists and arts stakeholders.

This effort seeks to use the global exposure of these tours to highlight and promote Tanzania’s rich cultural heritage.

“When I travel overseas, I am usually accompanied by a group of business people. Now I would like to make a shift and travel with artists. This will depend on my schedule and the destination,” President Samia revealed.

The Head of State highlighted through those work visit the artists will have the opportunity to study and promote tourism, arts and culture.

“Whenever there are festivals during my travels, I will go with artists. More significantly, if I am planning a trip abroad I will try to find training options for our artists, particularly actresses,” she stated.

The President said that during her next visit to South Korea, she would prioritise obtaining training opportunities for Tanzanian artists, acknowledging Korea’s advanced status in the entertainment business.

“We are going to Korea, and as you know, they specialise at acting. Their shows dominate our television screens, therefore we will seek training opportunities, and I am confident we will succeed,” she stated.

President Samia also advised artists to invest in a variety of areas to protect their futures in case they are no longer active in their occupations.

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She urged them to maximise their present incomes and influence while they still have the energy and capacity to perform.

Minister for culture, Arts and Sports, Damas Ndumbaro, said the government had increase budget for arts and culture for more than eight folds.

He said that President Samia is a major supporter of artists and has established a specific fund to help them.

“The President has created a Culture and Arts Fund specifically to support artists in acquiring training and loans to enhance their craft,” Ndumbaro said.

He indicated that President Samia allocated 4bn/- to this fund between July last year and April of this year.

“Many artists have obtained loans from this foundation and started various initiatives to develop and enhance their work. Some artists have set up studios, purchased musical equipment, and undertaken diverse artistic projects,” Ndumbaro said.

He noted that the Ministry’s budget now includes considerable financial resources for artists, providing on-going support for the growth and development of Tanzania’s cultural and creative scene.

President Samia Suluhu’s deliberate action illustrates her commitment to promoting arts and culture in Tanzania, giving artists the platforms and resources they need to prosper and contribute to the country’s worldwide image.

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