Film industry revisits Tanzanian history, culture

TANZANIA Film Board (TFB) has embarked on a programme to coordinate production of films with strategic local content featuring the country’s richness in a number of avenues as well as history, geographical, traditional, culture and norms to build patriotism among youth and market the attraction.

TFB Executive Secretary, Dr Kiagho Kilonzo told reporters on Sday that among the strategic films lined up are the nation history of the founding Father of Nation, Late Mwl Julius Nyerere and the contribution to the liberation struggle in Africa.

“We want to document history of our founding leaders; we are soliciting funds to have in place such strategic films to keep history for the current and future generations” he said

He said the board is coordinating the local content on the country’s richness and goodness with a number of attractions to impart knowledge and information among youth on the resources available thus developing love for the nation.

Dr Kilonzo said they want a vibrant and aggressive film industry saying they have recalled the producer of the Royal Tour Film in December to train the local producers to enhance good quality, competitiveness and national identity films.

He said the board is committed to develop a vibrant motion picture industry and to position Tanzania as a center of excellence in the global film and television landscape.

The Executive Secretary stressed the importance of promoting Tanzanian film and content strengthens home-made arts work and boosts national revenue.

He said the film industry sector has increased employment opportunities saying as of January 2021 it has employed 30,000 both as direct and indirect employment and the number has been increasing yearly.

Moreover, he said, there has been an increase of investment by the private sector, giving an example in 2021 almost 4bn/- was injected in film making and in 2020 at least 3-million US dollars was ventured in terms of sponsoring film production and purchase of Tanzania films copyright.

The board has formed a special committee that will rebuild the art of watching movies in theatre centres as was the case before as they want to formalize the local film booths so that they are recognized among the film watching centres, which currently are only nine countrywide.

He said the government will keep on setting a conducive environment for the production and marketing of Tanzania as a prominent filming destination for sustainable wealth and job creations. They will beat the forefront of promoting art.

Dr Kilonzo mentioned among the priorities is to promote the development of a vibrant local film industry, provide guidance on film industry legislation and policy framework and promote proper preservation of film materials.

“We want to ensure customer satisfaction as we are working on reviewing the policy, guidelines regulating the sector for more professionalism and the sector development” he insisted

They are working with a private sector to look for an investor to set up a film arena as he assured film industry makers of their copyrights.

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