FCC: Traders double-check goods before importation

DAR ES SALAAM: FAIR Competition Commission (FCC) has called upon SMEs to ensure the quality of goods they import before putting them in the markets.

The FCC Director General Mr William Erio, said on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam that the move will accelerate the country’s bid to combat counterfeit products and address complaints from local traders.

“To determine whether a product is counterfeit or not, a trader should verify the source of the product and its legitimate price,” Mr Erio said during a meeting between FCC management and the leadership of the Kariakoo Traders Association.

He also recommended that traders explore other avenues to verify the authenticity of products, such as consulting the country’s embassies and high commissions abroad to confirm the legitimacy of manufacturers.

“It’s not that traders are unaware that the products they import may be counterfeit, but they are often enticed by lower prices,” he said.

FCC’s Director of Anti-Counterfeits Mr Khadija Ngasongwa said they have frequently seized counterfeit products from covert factories in the country.

“We plan to launch joint operations with the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (TBS) to combat counterfeit products, particularly in the coastal region where numerous factories are located,” Ms Ngasongwa said.

Chairman of the Kariakoo Traders Mr Martin Mbwana, praised the FCC for being a reliable resource for traders when they face some challenges or conflicts.

“Traders themselves bring their grievances to the FCC and pay fees for resolution. This often occurs when they find themselves in disputes with each other.

“Businesses often conflict with each other particularly when a trader begins importing tires or motorcycles, and others introduce counterfeit versions of the same products,” Mr Mbwana said.

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