Fastest internet to speed up development in Tanzania

EXISTENCE of fastest satellite internet in the world will help the community to access personal as well as professional opportunities easily in rural and urban areas thus stimulating the development of people since now electronic technology is in great uses.

The coming of Konnect satellite whose ambition is to use Eutelsat’ satellite to connect 1 million unserved people across sub-Saharan Africa over the next five years brings solution to the challenge of slow-moving services.

A new satellite has been developed and launched in 2020, to further improve the performance of satellite internet. The project is being carried out by Eutelsat with the support of Thalès Alenia Space.

The technology has major achievement that will enable the development of this technology to be taken further, particularly in terms of speed and capacity, which will enable us to meet the ever-increasing need for data exchange.

Eutelsat is committed to constantly improving the quality of satellite broadband and to ensuring that the technology is widely available in Africa at prices that are affordable and adapted to all profiles.

Konnect satellite is already beaming maximum Internet speeds up to 100 mbps to people no matter where they live.

We believe superfast internet unlocks bigger opportunities for individuals, communities, companies and entire countries making big coverage, have big capacity and high speed.

Communities outside of the scope of traditional networks can operate properly by the use of Konnect Wi-Fi Small and medium sized, Large corporations government institutions like schools, healthcare, Industry sectors such as tourism, mining and farming can do better through presence of speed internet.

It was stated in Mwanza at the launch of Konnect Broadband Tanzania recently that the satellite internet under Eutelsat is more efficient and is provided by one of the largest operator of services in various countries around the world.

Konnect Broadband Tanzania Sales Officer, Mr Obafemi Agbanrin said the technology will enable the user to spend small amount of money to get the service in all areas.

Konnect Satellite Internet will revolutionise agriculture by transforming the game for farmers in many regions in Tanzania, unlocking a world of possibilities for sustainable growth and prosperity.

The system cuts information barriers and embraces a future where cutting-edge technology empowers farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimise yields, and connect with global markets from weather updates to market prices.

Konnect Satellite Internet brings real-time insights to your fields, revolutionising the way you farm. Embrace the digital revolution and harvest success with Konnect Satellite Internet!

“There are some areas where they do not have access to internet services, especially those in rural areas, this service will reach the people and stimulate development activities,” said Mr Agbanrin.

He said that they have come to make the launch to begin connection of services to the people in the Lake Zone due to the fact that the area has many people who are engaged in various developmental activities that require the use of faster internet.

Mr Agbanrin said that the services will be provided at an affordable price starting from 300/- to enable the uses at home and in offices while the user can buy a bundle starting from 2500/- per month.

The Technical Officer of Fanix Africa partner company who will connect the Konnect system, Mr Paul Nnassy, said that they will make connection in all areas because the technology used is fast, inexpensive, reliable, easy to connect and accessible to people everywhere.

He said that the internet will be free from 4 pm to 12 am to enable the users of the service to benefit from its use. Some of the citizens expressed their joy at the arrival of the service due to the challenge of internet speeds as well as the inability to reach those in rural areas.

“If I spend 2,500/- per month on Konnect packages, this is a solution for us who seek various information on the internet” said Mr Mabula Shaban from Kitangiri in Ilemela Municipality.

The citizens expressed their happiness for coming of the service which a customer can spend small amount of money to buy packages.

Eutelsat Konnect will make customers to get installed with a dish and modem, Wifi hotspots make internet access affordable for everyone and you can connect with smartphone.

The system can be connected in the most remote areas reaching markets that no one else can address for example in mining area in lodges in game reserves or national parks it is simple set-up with all necessary hardware and management software.

Anyone is a potential hotspot reseller; no expertise or equipment required, it has fair prices rural populations should not pay more for internet access than the urban populations.

Payment can be made by cash at the hotspot or via mobile e-payment, Purchasing is easy and cash collection processes are simple.

The community needed an internet service that would be reliable, affordable and inclusive for all Konnect wi-fi system complete with solar panels and a transmitter.

After the successful royal tour film, the country now is flocked by many visitors from outside the country who uses many lodges camps spread out from the far west to the eastern coast offering a diversity flora and fauna for guests in the heart of Tanzania need to find stable and fast connection of internet.

Paradise and Wilderness is a Tanzanian tourism specialist delivering holidays throughout Zanzibar and Tanzania, the business needed a quality internet service for guests and administrative staff.

Presence of fastest internet can bring more revolution on connecting Mining facilities in Tanzania since presence of reliable internet is a solution to help logistics and communications between extraction, process and administrative sites and it can be integrated with CCTV and access control solution.

Coming of fastest Konnect internet satellite in Mwanza region an epicentre of East African great lakes regions will stimulate development activities in the area and hence giving credibility to the city which is famous as Rock City.

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