Faidika microfinance donates blood

FAIDIKA Microfinance Tanzania has celebrated Global Customer Service Week by donating safe blood at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH).

The exercise involved all Faidika employees at the headquarters in Dar es Salaam and their regional branches.

Speaking to reporters at the institution’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Faidika Head of Sales, Marketing and Channel, Mr Asupya Nalingigwa, said they felt proud to participate in the blood donation to save lives of patients.

Mr Nalingigwa said it was important to work with the communities,   their customers, in carrying out social activities.

“Faidika is an institution that has succeeded in reaching all kinds of customers.  It is clear that societies are facing various challenges that need help. Donating blood is one of the most important social activities, the blood we donate goes to help needy patients.

We have decided to celebrate Customer Service Week by conducting this exercise and it has been very successful as all employees have donated blood,” said Mr Nalingigwa.

He noted that even their regional branches had participated in the exercise and for them it will be sustainable.

“We have donated blood to Muhimbili National Hospital, our colleagues in the regions have done so by donating to hospitals or health centers. It is a great comfort,” he said.

Mr Nalingigwa explained that Faidika had expanded its activities by providing various types of loans to government employees, private sector and entrepreneurs.

He said that so far they had used a total of 68bn/- in provision of loans to small traders and workers in different sectors.

According to Mr Nalingigwa, since the introduction of digital services, they have been able to serve many customers and government employees can borrow from 100,000/- to 70m/- and small business dealers can borrow from50, 000/- to 50m/-.

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