Exporters place high hope on new cargo flight

PLAYERS in the export trade sector expressed optimism about the upcoming B767-300F cargo aircraft but cautioned Air Tanzania Corporation Limited to strive for an on-time performance to help them withstand the competition in global markets.

They said here over the weekend during Air Tanzania Corporation Limited (ATCL) meeting that the state owned airliner has to make the new cargo airplane productive for themselves and the nation.

Quality Assurance Manager for the fish fillet processing Victoria Perch Limited, Mr Edwin Okong’o, commented said timely flight departure means constant fresh goods flow to his clients in Europe, who goes for business only during auction hours in markets.

“Once the flight is delayed even for an hour, my client misses the market. Then he incurs goods freesing costs until the next auctioning time. Still, the products are sold at a loss because they are no longer fresh,” he said.

Usually, he insisted, the consignments have a specific time frame, mostly 14 days after parking, to be in Europe, hence, flight delay affects the business.

The meeting participants also saw the need to encourage modern farming activities in Tanzania as many countries are in high demand for agricultural products.

The agriculture sector has a lot to do with the availability of goods to feed the new cargo flight which will also attract more routes in the world, they said.

“This should include endless modern farming education to especially peasants, for not only production of quality with international standards but also quantity farm outputs,” said a representative of a meat supplier Lausnicho Company Limited, Ms Peresencia Katani.

Gracing the meeting, Mwanza Regional Commissioner, Mr Adam Malima, supported the motion that feeding the cargo flight needs collaboration among business persons across Lake Zone.

Mwanza only cannot make it, he said, while insisting on quality goods produced in line with the markets’ demand, globally.

“For instance, I’m aware that cattle should be slaughtered not beyond two and half years of its age to have quality meat with international standards,” said the RC.

He further called on more research to identify productive flight routes which will make it full whenever on out or on trips.

“This is how it can be productive. It must take and bring in cargo,” he advised.

On his part, the ATCL Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Ladislaus Matindi, assured the availability of goods to feed the flight from various countries, including India, which is set for especially importation of medical drugs.

The CEO also said there was high demand for beans-related farm crops, in various countries and called on Tanzanian farmers to grab such an opportunity.

“Unlike in past when Tanzanians goods used to be flown from our neighbouring countries, our new flight starting point is here, with no delay to reach the markets,” assured.

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