Exploit economic opportunities identified in 2022 census-Makinda

MOSHI: THE Commissioner of Population and Housing Census 2022, Ms Anne Makinda has said that the last year’s census has identified many economic opportunities which if well exploited d will benefit Tanzanians and strengthen the country’s economy.

Ms Makinda, who is the retired Speaker of the National Assembly, made the remarks on Monday in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region, during the region’s seminar on distribution and awareness creation on the use of the census results.

The seminar brought together leaders, executives and development stakeholders in Kilimanjaro Region.

“The sixth census conducted last year, was a great success compared to the previous ones due to the fact that it involved people down to the lowest level of administration geographically, and received great response from many Tanzanians”, she said.

She added, ” President Samia Suluhu Hassan also gave directives to relevant authorities to prepare the guidelines on how the results of the census could be utilized by all Tanzanians; the President insisted that, part of the guidelines should involve provision of education to citizens at all levels so that the results will be a catalyst for the development of the country”.

Citing some of the opportunities identified during the implementation of the census last year, Ms Makinda said that it includes the availability of enough land for all types of investments, including in the agricultural sector.

Ms Makinda also said that the increase in the number of Tanzanians was also one of the opportunities which would boost the economic status of individuals and the country in general.

“The increase in number of people is a blessing and not the opposite as others think due to the fact that, the big number of people in the country who work hard will speed up the growth of the country’s economy”, she added.

Speaking at the seminar, the government Chief Statistician, Dr Albina Chuwa, commended the leadership and the people of Kilimanjaro Region for the cooperation they showed during the national count.

“Kilimanjaro was one of the regions that their residents gave their great and sincere cooperation in last year’s exercise, which led to great success”, she said.

“The good understanding of the exercise was based on the improvements that have been made and continue to be made by the government in the education sector,” Makinda said.

For his part, Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC) Mr Nurdin Babu said that the results of the census serves as a vision and guidance to the government in executing various development activities.

“President Samia Suluhu Hassan continues to emphasize the importance of using the results of the 2022 census, therefore we should all work hard, side by side in order to achieve the President and the government’s target of bringing developments for all Tanzanians”, said RC Babu, in a speech which was read on his behalf by the Same District Commissioner (DC) Ms Kasilda Mgeni.

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