Expert roots for vigilance in averting fire accidents 

ARUSHA residents have been urged to take precautionary measures in averting fire incidences.

In an interview with the ‘Daily News’ recently, an Assistant Superintendent of Fire at the regional Fire and Rescue Department Oswald Mwanjejele reminded the general public to take precaution against fire outbreaks by avoiding to overwork electric appliances and interfering with electric wirings, among other causes.

“Fire fighting isn’t the responsibility of the fire and rescue department alone, the onus is on each one of us to take precautionary measures against fire outbreaks,” he urged.

While the regional Fire and Rescue Department has put in place stringent measures to react to fire outbreaks, the Assistant Superintend of Fire called upon residents to act responsibly, since most fire incidents are avoidable.

“We need to be extra careful when plugging and unplugging our devices in our homes, we should strive to avoid overloading electric appliances, using stoves and candles and leave them unattended,” he insisted.

According to Mr Mwanjejele, it is important to install fire fighting equipment in our homes, saying it helps in detecting and extinguishing fires quickly, limiting the damage caused and potentially saving lives.

The senior fire officer insisted on the use of the right fire prevention equipment which can help to control   such as portable fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

In the same vein, he urged members of the public to consult the regional Fire and Rescue Department when planning to construct a house.

At least 222 water hydrants have been installed in the region for safety purposes in urban and residential areas.

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