Exim Bank Tanzania upgrades core banking system to offer more secure, efficient, and innovative services

Exim Bank Tanzania has recently upgraded its core banking system to provide enhanced services to its customers.

The bank’s statement released earlier today mentioned that the new system offers faster transaction processing times, improved security measures, and enhanced functionality, which would ensure a safer and more convenient banking experience for customers.

In the statement, Mr Jaffari Matundu, the Chief Executive Officer of Exim Bank, said that the new system was designed to offer a seamless banking experience to customers, allowing them to carry out their financial transactions with ease and peace of mind.

He expressed his gratitude to the customers for their cooperation and patience during the upgrade and apologized for any inconvenience caused due to the challenges faced with some of the services.

Mr Alamin Merchant, the bank’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Digital Transformation, further added that the upgraded system offers an array of new features and benefits, including additional online banking services, real-time alerts and notifications, and a user-friendly mobile banking application. He expressed his excitement in offering customers an upgraded banking experience with improved transaction processing times, enhanced functionality, and improved security measures.

He emphasized that the new system is designed to make banking more accessible and convenient for customers while ensuring that their accounts and personal information are always safe and secure. The bank is committed to continuously improving its services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Mr Matundu expressed his gratitude to the customers for choosing Exim Bank as their banking partner and their pride in offering cutting-edge banking technology that meets their evolving needs. The bank remains committed to providing the best possible banking experience to its customers, and this upgrade is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

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