EWURA discourages use of poor quality lubricants

THE Water and Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has reminded all Tanzanians to use lubricants that are registered.

The authority stated that registered lubricants have met legal and quality requirements, hence proven harmless to vehicles or machines.

Speaking to the ‘Sunday News’ at the ongoing 47th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), the EWURA Manager for Communication and Public Relations, Mr Titus Kaguo, disapproved lubricant products that are refilled in containers such as empty water bottles, something which is not allowed because they do not meet quality assurance requirements.

“We call upon consumers to be careful with the products in the market and inform EWURA when they notice violation of regulations or non-compliance,” Mr Kaguo said.

He said that the list of registered lubricants is available on EWURA’s website.

“Use the lubricants registered with EWURA, avoid buying products which are repacked in other containers such as emptied water bottles,” Mr Kaguo emphasised.

He said the regulation requires that any person who imports, transports or sells lubricant must be registered with the authority.

“Failure of this, a person is regarded as an offender and upon conviction he or she is liable to a fine of 20m/-,”  he said.

Moreover, Mr Kaguo said the authority will continuously monitor trends of lubricants business and that stern measures will be taken to those who compromise the quality of products.

Meanwhile, Mr Kaguo said EWURA has reached 80.4 per cent of the consumers of regulated services when they conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) recently.

The survey shows that 69.1 per cent of the customers of regulated services have high accountability and transparency.

“We are happy that our dedicated efforts are paying off as the study has revealed that 84 per cent are satisfied with how EWURA provides awareness about its roles and functions while 73 per cent of our stakeholders are aware of the authority’s role,”

“The use of diverse communication channels provides adequate information and knowledge of EWURA activities including pricing mechanisms and obligations of clients licensing and tariff procedures as well as general awareness on regulation has strengthened stakeholders’ engagement at various levels,” said Mr Kaguo.

He said the customer satisfaction survey was conducted to establish baseline information on the level of customers’ satisfaction with the authority’s regulatory services.

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