Envoy hypes China- Tanzania ties

DAR ES SALAAM: CHINESE Ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Chen Mingjian has said that the bilateral relations between her country and Tanzania have made substantial progress, particularly in fostering fruitful cooperation across various sectors, including education.

The envoy made the remarks on Thursday during the award ceremony to honour students and teachers who excelled in Chinese language studies.

Ms Chen pointed out that this year marks the 59th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Tanzania and China.

“China’s support, including government scholarships, construction of school buildings, textbook donations, provision of desks and chairs, capacity-building programmes and personnel training has played a pivotal role in advancing education in Tanzania.

“In a remarkable achievement this year, 46 students received the Chinese government scholarship, while 114 students secured the degree programme scholarship from the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). These students who are among Tanzania’s brightest teachers and learners, are fortunate recipients of this opportunity.

“Furthermore, recent years have witnessed a significant enhancement in China-Africa relations, driven by major multilateral cooperation projects such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, the “Forum on China-Africa Cooperation,” and the vision for a “China-Africa Community with A Shared Future,” aligning with a broader global development concept,” Chen said.

For his part, the Director of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Mr Peter Msoffe, recounted that the progress underscores the deepening and strengthening of relations between Tanzania and China.

He said frequent high-level exchanges, the development of profound political mutual trust and the successful collaboration across various fields symbolise the enduring and productive all-weather friendship shared between the two nations.

“In reflecting on these achievements, the enduring and productive all-weather friendship shared between Tanzania and China is a model for diplomatic relations. The synergy created through these exchanges goes beyond mere cooperation. It reflects a genuine partnership based on shared values, common goals and a commitment to mutual development,” Mr Msoffe emphasised.

Mr Joseph Isarel, a Chinese language teacher, explained that teaching children at a young age helps broaden their horizon and connections due to the language’s widespread use among numerous nations.

“Chinese is spoken by a significant population globally and is employed extensively in international business dealings. Teaching this language enables students to grasp not only linguistic proficiency but also cultural insights, fostering a deeper understanding of global affairs and fostering diverse connections worldwide,” he emphasised.

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