Engineers advised to abide by code of ethics

DAR ES SALAAM: ENGINEERING stakeholders have counselled engineers in the country to abide by code of ethics, be creative and use their professionalism to overcome some of the challenges.

This was said during a breakfast event held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, where all the retired and in-service engineers met and discussed on how they can make their profession to be valued.

During the breakfast event, the Institution of Engineers Tanzania President, Gemma Modu noted that the aim of having the meeting is to tackle some of the challenges facing the professionals and find out solutions.

During the event, the engineers formed an emerging issues committee, where Gemma said that the committee will be responsible for overseeing challenges facing the group and suggest ways to address them.

“The aim of this meeting is to discuss and find the solution to various issues that engineers face,” she said.

For his part, Retired Engineer, Malima Bundara said it is important for the engineers to be competent in their work to end stigmatisation among them.

“Firstly, I sincerely advice all the engineers to do their work professionally because it will be a better way to end stigmatisation among them.

And if the engineer is not competent with his or her career, it will be bridge for them to be undermined, therefore they should be competent and acquire principles, ethics, professionalism when fulfilling their duties,” he said.

Bundara said that engineers must give enough details when asked about something that might be seen incorrectly.

He also asked the instructors to listen and not to underrate the answers given out by engineers because they are the ones who are responsible to know what should be done so as to complete the work in good order.

For her part, the IET Council Member, Eng Fatuma Mwamba thanked the stakeholders for being part of the discussion.

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