Embrace new technology, analysts told

DODOMA: THE government has urged Information, Communication and Technology system analysts to embrace the growth of new emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

The urge was given on Wednesday by theĀ  e-Government Authority (e-GA) Acting Manager of Consultancy and Advisory, Ms Joan Valentine,when opening a six-day training for business systems analysts from 21 public institutions.

She said by embracing the technological changes, it will enable the cadre to excel at maximum heights to cope with the development of global changes and improve e-Government service delivery.

She added that ICT business analysts should be multipurpose by learning various skills to accommodate the emerging technologies and technological changes in the world and to ensure that these technologies support the strategic plans of their institutions.

“Right now, the world is talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning, so you (business analysts) must have knowledge of these new technologies to help your institutions in their daily routines,” she added.

Regarding analytics skills, Ms Johan said that public institutions such as NHIF produce numerous data points per day from the public, so it is the right time for the BA to analyse them into easy
presentations for the decision-making of their institutions.

Moreover, Ms Joan called on IT officers to comprehend the importance of soft skills, including communication skills that could enable them to intermingle with various users of their services in
public offices.

“Currently, IT is moving from being a supporting tool to an enabling tool for public institutions, so you need to be more knowledgeable not only in the IT sector but in other soft skills,” she stressed.

Ms Joan commended the fact that the mash-up between emerging technology and soft skills will enable the business analyst to have the required output for public institution decision-making.

The Coordinator of the Training, Mr Ceaser Mwambani, who is also an IT Systems Analyst e-GA, said the aim of the training is to build the capacity of the officers in the areas of IT systems analysis, IT project management, guidelines, standards, management, quality and security of IT systems in the government.

“Through this training, we believe that all the participants here will have a better understanding of the analysis of IT systems and projects, as well as being able to make a good contribution to their institutions in order to have productive IT projects for the nation,” he explained.

The training is a continuation of e-GA’s efforts to ensure that it collaborates and provide awareness to public institutions about promoting e-Government and observing e-Government acts and regulations.

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