ELCT donates foodstuff to villagers in Simanjiro

THE Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT)’s Northern Diocese in Hai Synod has donated foodstuff in hunger-stricken village in Simanjiro District, Manyara Region.

The ELCT food relief comprises of 70 and 11 metric tonnes of maize and beans respectively distributed to the hungry villagers at Kambi ya Chokaa in Naisinyai Ward.

The villagers are currently facing an acute shortage of food due to drought, which persevered for two cultivation seasons consecutively.

The deputy Bishop of ELCT Northern Diocese, Reverend Deogratius Msanya handed over the food relief to the hungry- villagers in a brief function held at Nomeuti parish in Simanjiro recently.

Kambi ya Chokaa Village Chairman, Emmanuel Simel thanked the church for its support, saying the food relief will benefit 950 households, out of 3,500 homes that face a serious food shortage in his expansive village alone.

He said that the drought also hit hard the livestock as it had scorched the entire grasses in Simanjiro, driving majority of herders to abandon their families and villages in search of green pastures to feed their cattle in the nearby regions of Tanga and Morogoro.

“To be honest, situation is worse. We are facing a severe food shortage, owing to the worst drought that hit hard the large chunk of northern zone, forcing majority males to abandon their families in their quest to search for pastures in Tanga and Morogoro, whilst others gone to look for jobs in urban areas” said Mr Simel.

The chairman further disclosed that the situation has also compelled female to engage themselves in temporary works in Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region, as they have turned to be the breadwinners.

“As we thank the ELCT church for its food relief, we are pleading with the government to bring subsidized foodstuff in the village and sell at the indicative prices to save the hungry-population from starving” Simel explained.

Esther Yohane said that the severe hunger has also badly affected pupils in their village leading to poor academic performance.

“I’m a widow and mother of four.  Imagine all my kids are pupils, but have since stopped from going to school because I cannot afford to contribute food in the school feeding program,” Ms Esther noted.

Head of Hai synod Pastor, Biniel Eliufoo Mallyo said that the ELCT has been providing food relief from the beginning of this year through its churches in KIA mission, lower Kikafu, Rundagai, Kawaya and Lerai Primary School, where 3,738 people were benefited.

“The food relief has been mobilized from Hai synod, friends from Huyamwi and Forchheim state in Germany” revered Mallyo explained, adding that the church has been touched by the plight of the people, prompting it to seek for the foodstuff.

Deputy Bishop, reverend Msanya implored the well-wishers to step up with humanitarian support, particularly food relief to the drought-stricken northern zone.

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