EID EL FITR MESSAGE: Samia stresses peace, unity

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has strongly urged Tanzanians to use religious teachings in maintaining national unity, peace and tranquility for the country to continue prospering in all aspects of development. 

She also called on parents to take a lead role in providing proper guidance to their children to address moral decay in the societies.

Dr Samia made the call in Dar es Salaam yesterday when addressing Eid el Fitr Baraza at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC), saying joint efforts are needed to address the challenge.

According to her, family is a main institution that has a role to play in shaping behaviours of members of the community, children in particular.

“As parents and guardians, we have a role to play in ensuring that our children grow in a proper way, the government cannot work alone on this matter,” she stressed.

Adding; “Parents have to go back to our norms in ensuring youths who are the future of the country get proper teachings and guidance for their growth”.

Dr Samia also asked religious institutions to continue providing teachings, including educating children on the effects of embracing acts that are considered to be taboos in our society, as well as helping in bringing them back to the line those who have deviated from cultural norms and principles.

She also commended religious institutions for their efforts in promoting national peace, unity and harmony, issues that have so far helped the country to attain development.

Dr Samia was also optimistic that prayers that were held during the Lenten season (for Christians) and holy Month of Ramadan (for Muslims) will bring more blessings to the country and all citizens.

“It was good that Ramadan and the Lenten season came almost at the same time, I believe that we all prayed for our country, lets maintain the same spirit for  our  sustained prosperity,” said President Samia.

Inviting President Samia to the podium Mufti of Tanzania Sheik Abubakar Zubeir asked Tanzanians to uphold the spirit of patriotism for the country, supporting the government,   fighting   moral decay as well as maintaining national unity and solidarity.

He also asked Muslim to continue adhering to the proper morals that were observed during the 30 days of fasting.

His remarks were in line with the special message of the National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) that was read by the council’s Secretary General sheikh Nuhu Mruma.

Reading the message Sheikh Mruma underscored the importance of peace in fostering the country’s development.

“Our religion wants us to respect and love each other, by observing this we will be in a good position to enhance national peace and tranquillity for our own development,” he said.

The Muslim Council also called on Tanzanians to shun conflicts in a bid to prevent the country from violence and other forms of unrest.

Speaking on behalf of Christians, Secretary General of Tanzania Episcopal Council (TEC) Dr Charles Kitima also emphasised on the need of upholding peace.

For their part, Chairperson of Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) Freeman Mbowe and Prof Ibrahim Lipumba of Civil United Front (CUF) commended President Samia for her continued efforts in unifying the country.

“President Samia is working on implementing her 4R philosophy that has Reconciliation, Resilience, Reform and Rebuilding,” said Prof Lipumba.

Earlier Dr Samia called on Tanzanians and Muslim communities to maintain good practices that were observed during the holy Month of Ramadan.

“The sighting of a new moon marks the end of our 30 days of fasting and prayers, but this calls us for a continuous commitment to compassion, the spirit of sacrifice, generosity, gratitude, and a life of prayer. Eid Mubarak,” she said.

Her message was echoed by the Vice-President Dr Phillip Mpango and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa who also called on Tanzanians to celebrate the Eid el-Fitr in a peaceful manner.

In his message, Dr Mpango reminded Tanzanians to maintain peace, unity and tranquility throughout the festive season.

I’m wishing all Muslims and Tanzanians good celebrations on Eid el Fitr, let’s celebrate it peacefully,’ he said.

For his part, Premier Majaliwa also emphasised on President Samia’s message on the importance of maintaining good practices that have been observed in the past 30 days.

“I’m joining President Samia in wishing Eid al- Fitr to all Muslims and Tanzanians at large,” said Mr Majaliwa. The same message was also issued by the Speaker of the Parliament, Dr Tulia Ackson.


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