Dream realised

AFTER the landmark inauguration of the newly built State House at Chamwino in Dodoma by President Samia Suluhu Hassan on Saturday, it is now official that the city serves as the fully fledged country’s administrative Capital.

Initially, the founding Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere built a tent to serve the purpose in 1969 and resolved permanently that the government would relocate to Dodoma, as the country’s Capital city.

The plan was later endorsed by a vote in 1973.

To reinforce that, the plan was finally put into action 50 years later, with President Samia declaring on Saturday in Dodoma that “this is the realisation of the government’s goal to make Dodoma the seat of government.”

The inauguration event was attended by various prominent people including former Presidents Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Jakaya Kikwete.

“The new Chamwino State House’s inauguration is the official landmark and confirmation of the government’s completion of its ambitious project of making Dodoma the government headquarters,” stated Dr Samia.

She added that everyone who had any qualms about the relocation process’ success should now understand that there is no going back.

“We are here to stay.  We shall only travel to Dar es Salaam to meet with our international visitors and for other official matters. As soon as the Msalato International Airport and our houses are completed in the second phase of construction, we will even welcome all guests, including dignitaries of high level   here.” said Dr Samia.

Dar es Salaam, according to the Head of State, is still a significant economic and commercial hub for the nation. It is Tanzania’s largest city and continues to contribute substantially to the country’s economic growth.

She also called on Tanzanians to continue maintaining peace, unity and solidarity as well as working hard so that the nation can continue moving forward to reach an upper-middle-class economy.

“Progress can be seen through our cooperation, solidarity, love and unity, so Tanzanians should continue with the way we are going. The founders of this nation laid a solid foundation for us, we have to strengthen it,” she said.

Other government structures, houses, the international airport, and other important infrastructures are still being built in Dodoma in an effort to turn it into a fully functional Capital city.

The Magufuli City project will transform the outlook of Dodoma City and become one of the landmarks in the capital, it is also in line with the ruling party CCM Election manifesto for 2020-2025.

It is also in line with the Third Five–Year Development Plan (FYDP III 2021/22 to 2025/26), which has placed top priority on developing the new Capital. The document insists that key of the reason for relocating the hub of government activities to Dodoma was the need to reposition public services closer to the people.

FYDP III for developing the new Capital entails the construction and strengthening of infrastructure for transport and travel, education, health, water, and government offices in response to increased demand due to  increase in population.

According to the document, key interventions include constructing government town buildings and offices, strengthening infrastructure for sports, entertainment and arts, constructing and strengthening travel and transport infrastructure, sustaining efforts aimed at environmental conservation and green urban development of Dodoma City.

Since 2016, at least 65 government institutions were granted building permits, of which, 22 institutions have already accomplished erecting their edifices and have since relocated to Dodoma, 16 others are at various stages of completing construction, while 19 institutions are in preliminary stages to start executing their projects.

Out of the 189 government institutions, 38 are required to relocate to Dodoma in the 2023/2024 financial year, while a total of 19 institutions are required to relocate to Dodoma in the 2024/2025 financial year.

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