Don’t celebrate; it is not over, Yanga told

DAR ES SALAAM : YOUNG Africans coach Miguel Gamondi cautioned his players not to celebrate yet as they still have a reverse game to play  despite an advantageous 2-0 win over Al Merreikh in Rwanda over the weekend.

Yanga secured a vital 2-0 win which will give them a downhill task in their return leg game at Azam Complex  on September 30th this year.

Coach Gamondi  said the return leg is going to be tough as Al Merreikh will be playing like a wounded  bull.

He said the game looks to be tough, he cautioned players to be completely prepared for that.

With Gamondi tasked to bring Yanga to the Champions League’s group stage, the target will be met if they draw or lose by a margin of not more than one goal.

Yanga, who looked like the hosts  in Kigali when they overpowered the Sudanese giants, scored their goals through Kennedy Musonda in the 60th minute and Clement Mzize added  the second goal in the 79th minute. Both goals came in the second half.

It looks a downhill task for Yanga since they need a  draw or a loss by not more than one margin to sail to the  group stage again after missing it for 25 years.

For Al Merreikh they need to win by  a three-goal margin to book a ticket to the group stage or seal 2-0 victory to force the game into spot kicks.

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