‘Don’t accept to be used’

…Mpango tells youths to embrace national unity

THE Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango has directed youths across the country to embrace national unity and solidarity, while also abstaining from any political motives intended in triggering chaos.

Dr Mpango, who is a member of the ruling party CCM member of  Central Committee, made the statement on Sunday while addressing the ruling party CCM’s Youth Wing symposium at  Kawawa Ground in Kigoma Region. Among others, the meeting was geared towards preparations for the party’s 47th anniversary and reflecting President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s three years in presidency.

At a colourful event which was attended by the CCM’s Youths Wing National Executive Council’s members, government officials and citizens in the region, the Vice-President, underlined the importance of proactive youths in building prosperous political party.

Equally, he encouraged the youth to be in forefront of preserving peace especially, at this time when the country is heading to elections. This year, the country is expected to hold the Local Government Election, which will be followed by the General Election next year (2025).

“The party welfare relies on the strength of its wings. I call upon you to embrace unity and solidarity to further heighten our party, avoid divisions, gossips and hate speeches. As we head into the Local Government Election this year and General Election in 2025 the party needs a strong youth wing to attain victory,” Dr Mpango said.

He directed members of the CCM Youth Wing National Executive Council, who in the coming few days are expected to sit for a meeting to utilise their platform in innovating new ideas and strategies for further improving the party.

He said the CCM youths should apply their persuasion powers to attract support from other youths and adults by telling them facts on great developments achieved by the government, including how it has managed to withstand the global economic shocks resulted by Covid-19, climate change effects, the on-going Russia Ukraine War and the Middle East crisis.

“Don’t accept to be used politically to fuel chaos through demonstration as the reasons behind the global economic shocks are well known as Covid-19, global geopolitics tension and climate change effects,” he pointed out.

He said recovery from the current on-going global economic situation is not an overnight process, calling for citizens to be tolerant as the government is tirelessly working to restore the economy to normalcy.

In a related development, he rebuked the move by some opposition parties especially CHADEMA for opting to demonstration as a solution for solving economic hardship.

On strengthening democracy, Dr Mpango said President Samia who doubles as CCM Chairperson is committed to building a justice country, which observes rule of law through her 4Rs philosophy which stands for reconciliation, resiliency, rebuilding and reforms in bid of achieving prosperity for all.

In another development, Dr Mpango urged citizens to protect the Union of Tanzania and directed the CCM youths to continue advocating on the benefits of the Union.

Likewise, Dr Mpango urged youths to use Information Communication Technologies (ICT) on exchanging information for development rather than spreading false information that may lead into panic among citizens.

He also urged youths to advocate for environment conservation and clean cooking energy, saying concerted efforts are key on climate change mitigation in the country and globally.

Dr Mpango directed the CCM’s Youth Wing to keep working hard, observe integrity, laws as well as preserving the country’s culture and values.

At the symposium, the VP said so far the government has achieved remarkable success across all development sectors ranging from heath, education, agriculture, energy and infrastructure.

He said the achievements are in line with the CCM 2020/2025 Election Manifesto, which targets at bringing social services closer to citizens.

For his party, CCM’s National Youth Wing’s Chairperson, Mr Mohammed Kawaida appreciated President Dr Samia exemplary leadership and performance, which has significantly transformed the country.

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