Dodoma admits receiving sufficient budget for development projects

DODOMA Regional Commissioner Rosemary Senyamule has said the region has received a huge chunk of money from the government for construction of road infrastructures and other development projects.

Ms Senyamule commended President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan for endorsing a huge allocation of budget for the region’s infrastructures.

She gave the compliments when she attended the Regional Road Board Annual meeting held recently.

“The President has endorsed allocation of a lot of money for road construction, the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) has already received 50 per cent of the money they asked for and they are implementing different road construction projects,” she said.

She added: “We have received a lot of money. It’s our responsibility to speak for and congratulate the government. Our region is extending sincere gratitude to President Samia for the great work she is doing especially in the area of infrastructure construction,” added Senyamule.

Dodoma Member of Parliament, who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Mr Anthony Mavunde, also said the region has received a huge amount of money than ever before for the construction of infrastructure.

Mr Mavunde also asked Dodoma residents to be vigilant and feel that it was their responsibility to ensure that the infrastructure is well maintained.

“We congratulate the President for the good work she is doing, especially in the construction of infrastructure in Dodoma.

In her leadership we have received a lot of money for the construction of infrastructure. It’s our responsibility to maintain and secure infrastructures,” Mr Mvunde said.

On her part, Acting TANROADS Dodoma Regional Engineer Salome Kabunda mentioned three national projects implemented in the region, including the construction of Mtera Bridge where the feasibility study, detailed design and the preparation of tenders for its construction have been done.

So far, access roads to the bridge have been completed and the government through the TANROADS has already signed a contract worth 1.4bn/- for the project.

Ms Kabunda cited another project which involves the construction of the outer-ring road  from Nala-Veyula-Mtumba-Ihumwa-Bandari kavu (52.3 km) whereby the government has already signed a contract worth 100.8 bn/-.

She said the contractor for the implementation of the outer ring project proceeds with work and the construction period is 39 months.

The implementation of this project goes hand in hand with paying compensation to the residents, whereby 9.5bn/- has already been paid to 1,081 citizens.

The second phase of the outer ring road project (lot 2) from Ihumwa-Bandari Kavu-Matumbulu-Nala (62 km) is also in progress.

“In the implementation of the outer ring road the government has already signed a contract of 120.9 bn/- through the TANROADS, we expect it will be completed within 43 months,” she said.

She said the government continues with the compensation whereby a total of 6.8 bn/- has been paid to 1,158 citizens who have relocated to other places to allow the project to be implemented.

In addition, she said the feasibility study and design for the Dodoma-Morogoro Road (263 km) has already been done.

The government’s promise to construct some of the roads at tarmac level is ongoing where the construction of Mbande-Kongwa-Suguta-Mpwapwa road and the maintenance of Mlowa-Mvumi-Makulu road is progressing well as the feasibility study has been completed.

She said the government has already approved a total of 370m/- for the construction of Mpwapwa-Gulwe-Kibakwe-Chipogolo road at tarmac level.

The feasibility study for this project has been completed and the consulting engineer has already submitted the architectural design.

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