Do researches to link yourselves with job market – Universities urged

DAR ES SALAAM: UNIVERSITIES have been asked to do researches and expose findings on the needs of the job market so that they prepare graduates who meet the job market demands.

Furthermore, the research results would help solve various challenges in Tanzanian communities and expand the scope of cooperation internally and externally.

“It is important that various universities use the results of research as part of the Government’s strategy to increase the eagerness for the use of science and technology and innovation in the country,” Minister for Water, Mr Jumaa Aweso, stated in his speech read on his behalf by his Deputy, Eng Kundo Mathew, during the opening of the 9th Research and Innovation Week at University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).

Mr Aweso said any country that has invested heavily in development programmes should ensure that there is a proper use of public resources where without research the efforts cannot be productive.

“Research is an important strategic method whose results are very helpful to improve the quality of life of the community. The results of our researches and innovations contribute significantly to the development of the society around us,” he added.

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Furthermore, he said, the government ensures that all Tanzanians benefit from the national resources by improving education, health, water and social services as well as enhance the use of clean energy.

“We must ensure that we have an integrated and competitive economy to improve the lives of all Tanzanians. All this will be possible if we do enough researches and innovations that provide solutions to the various challenges facing the society,” Mr Aweso stressed.

The UDSM Vice Chancellor, Prof William Anangisye said that the UDSM has been mobilizing the funds from local sources.

He said that in the 2022/23 fiscal year the university allocated more than 3.1bn/- to finance its academicians to conduct various researches, out of which 2.4bn/- was for research and 705m/- for innovation.

He said a total of 92 projects won where 88 projects were for researches and remaining four were for innovation.

Prof Anangisye said research and innovation contributes in raising the status of the university especially when research is done in collaboration with local and foreign stakeholders.

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