DIT subsidiary innovates local electric tricycles

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology’s (DIT) subsidiary innovative company has successfully designed and assembled four electric tricycles (Bajaji) using local materials in the past three months.

Making the revelation in Dar es Salaam recently, the company’s Marketing Manager, Agnes Kimwaga further said that they also managed to assemble another 20 tricycles using imported parts.

Ms Kimwaga revealed this during a visit by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof Carolyne Nombo to their institution to inspect its activities.

Elaborating, she noted that the electric tricycles are powered by rechargeable batteries, capable of covering long distances of 80 to 100 kilometres when charged properly.

In her explanation, she described the tricycles as of high quality, with their creation and assembly involving both the company’s employees and DIT students.

On the market of the transport mode, she said they have high demand, prompting the institute to embark on mass production.

“We have initiated the certification process with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). Once completed, we will officially bring them to the public, reveal their prices and start selling,” Kimwaga explained.

Furthermore, she highlighted that the tricycles are unique because they use rechargeable batteries and are made of sturdy metal frame, hence different from the ordinary ones in the market.

She added that drivers, tricycle-owners and dealers in the machines are sending back great interest due to their durability and higher capacity to carry two extra passengers compared to the ordinary ones in the market.

“Our tricycles at the back seat can accommodate six passengers, that is to say two more than the usual tricycles common in the market,” she elaborated.

Equally, she emphasised that owning the tricycles save individuals from the fluctuating fuel prices and instead, allow them to make profit by carrying two extra passengers.

“When we are done with the certification process underway, we shall be capable of engaging in mass production of the tricycles of ours,” she pointed out.

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