Diligence is the way forward

TANZANIA is in the middle-income status of the economy, as it engages several gears in implementing several strategic projects, eying to become industrialised country.

With the population growing while size of the land remaining the same, with some huge parts reserved, concerted efforts are needed to serve the people and make the nation greater and self-sufficient.

In doing that, the Sixth Phase Government has been doing a lot, from appointments of leaders to different positions to framing new policies or planning to increase production for domestic and exports reasons.

Recently, President Samia Suluhu Hassan appointed several leaders whom she sworn in at Chamwino State House in the Dodoma Capital City on Friday.

She put it clearly that the appointments she made were in response to further propel the nation’s social-economic development that require more personnel to effectively serve all sectors.

She said more is needed in terms of the things brought in by the choice to open up the country, necessitating the appointment of more personnel to manage them, adding that Tanzanians require services, so there must be personnel in place in every sector to meet their needs.

The main thing she spoke about is diligence from the appointees and all leaders as her leadership makes adjustments and new appointments, demanding those who have been appointed to proceed to carry out their assigned tasks diligently.

A diligent leader focuses intently on the task at hand and does it right so that it does not have to be repeated. A saying goes; leaders should not hit the panic button, instead a lot could be achieved by demonstrating diligent leadership. Every great leader learns the secret of being diligent.

One secret of very dynamic leaders is that they prioritise their day.  Each night before going to bed, they think about the tasks that they should or could complete the next day.  Then they make another important step.

They prioritise their list so that they know what task is the most important task to complete. Then when they awake the next day, they focus first on the most important task.  This task triumphs emails, impromptu meetings, or other people’s agendas.  This one step of diligence can improve productivity massively.

Diligence involves steady application; industry; careful work involving long-term effort. It may be termed as the qualities of a hard worker, including conscientiousness, determination, and perseverance or carefulness, in particular, the necessary care appropriate to a particular task or responsibility.

It is pertinent to learn how to do more things faster, although sometimes doing things faster so that they have to be redone can lead to disaster, so carefulness is needed at its maximum.

One of the most valuable assets that a leader possesses is their energy.  One key mistake that could be seen leaders make is giving the wrong amount of energy to unimportant or unnecessary tasks.  Diligence means giving the right level of energy to the right task at the right time.  Diligence is now the way forward.

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