‘Design entrepreneurship training programmes for divorcees’

THE Tanzania Sisal Board (TSB) Director General, Mr Saad Kambona has emphasised the need for creating special entrepreneurship training programmes to assist divorcees to engage in meaningful income generation activities.

He said that the programmes would enable them to have stable incomes that would make them overcome the stress of divorce and contribute to the regional economic development.

He said divorcees are a neglected group and in most cases, the victims end up developing stress-related challenges.

Mr Kambona was opening a special seminar organised by the Tanga-based Good Samaritan and Pain Relief Organisation for Divorcees, aiming at teaching them how to overcome the pain and stress of divorce.

To that end, he promised to sponsor training for divorced groups on how to use the sisal crop to produce various items that would enable them to increase their incomes and reduce stress and its complications.

He said it is also true that there is no special curricular in Tanga-based training institutions, including the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) centres that is specifically designed to train students on how to develop sisal or other crops produced in Tanga.

Earlier on, the Good Samaritan Organisation General Secretary, Ms Lulu George said they are organising special seminars for divorcees in response to an increase of divorce cases in the society.

“We need to help them overcome the stress and pain and assist them to lead a normal and stable life,” Ms George said.

The organisation’s Director, Reverend Rodgers Chamani said the organisation that was formed in 2020 has decided to help divorcees, because of a rising problem of divorce cases.

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