DEMOCRACY, ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY: Samia wins Bunge accolades

THE House on Tuesday passed a resolution to congratulate President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s achievements in strengthening democracy and enhancing economic diplomacy.

As the budget sessions kicked off here, the Parliament used the first day to issue its resolution after assessing two years since Dr Samia took the reign.

Reading the resolution before the House, an MP Ezra Chiwelesa (Biharamulo West-CCM), stated: “We all witnessed during this period of two years of President Samia that the situation of democracy has been strengthened in the country.”

He mentioned some factors leading to strengthened democracy as including the president’s decision to lift ban on political public rallies countrywide.

“This decision has revitalised and strengthened political activities because political parties have got an opportunity to market their policies and offer alternative ideas that would help the government to implement social and economic services to serve citizens,” he said.

He also cited initiation of reconciliation meetings, involving political parties in the country for facilitating good relations among the rival political groups-something which has upheld peace maintenance and unity among Tanzanians.

“During this period of President Samia, we have also witnessed significant growth of economic diplomacy, whereby the president has been a catalyst as a skilled diplomat.

Citing successes in economic diplomacy, he said, the country has seen an increased market for Tanzanian goods abroad.

Tanzania also strengthened its relationship with multinationals, with a view to boosting investment in the production sector for economic growth.

This has gone in line with increased flow into the country of the financial support and concessional loans from major financial institutions in the world, which has greatly helped to improve various development activities such as education, infrastructures, health and water.

The Parliament further acknowledged that there has been growth in investment, learning from the fact that the country received many new foreign investors due to improved investment climate.

Furthermore, the House resolution had it that president’s visits abroad have led to strengthen relations with other nations and international institutions.

Her visits have yielded fruits such as recent visit to Tanzania by US Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Through Harris’ visit the US government has promised to further cement cooperation with Tanzania in various sectors including infrastructures, industries, and cyber security.

After tabling of the resolution, a total of 16 MPs contributed their views when discussing it.

“I support this motion, it has come at a right time and it has the reality,” stated Dr Mwigulu Nchemba, Finance and Planning Minister.

Dr Nchemba said his ministry was among major beneficiaries of President Samia’s efforts to boost economic diplomacy.

“As we speak, in our current budget, we have got 500 million US dollars, equivalent to 1.2tri/- through the Development Policy Operations (DPO), which is provided by the World Bank,” he pointed out.

He said through this window, Tanzania will receive another 500 million US dollars in the next fiscal year.

“Not only that but also the country is benefiting from other programmes with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), including the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) which is about 1.1 billion US dollars,” he added.

In this fiscal year, already Tanzania secured 152 million US dollars (about 355.8bn/-) in the first quarter of this fiscal year and in the coming financial year Tanzania is expected to receive the same amount for recovery programme.

These funds are allocated to various sectors such as agriculture for irrigation and fisheries.

Another MP, Ms Neema Lugakingira (Special Seats- CCM), praised Dr Samia for her efforts to strengthen good governance, democracy and economic diplomacy.

“This has built trust among investors as the TIC (Tanzania Investment Centre) has recorded investment projects worth 793bn/- during Samia’s presidency,” Ms Lugakingira argued.

Mr Christopher Ole Sendeka, lawmaker for Simanjiro (CCM), said President Samia has been standing for promoting democracy which respects humanity and equality.

“She has been making efforts to strengthen relations with other nations by personally visiting those countries,” he said.

He added: “The issue of political reconciliation has made us and the opposition politicians being united.”

Mr Ole-Sendeka, however, was bitter over individuals who squander public funds for their own benefits, saying they undermine President’s efforts.

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