DECOHAS ordered to refund students who were fraudulently admitted

DAR ES SALAAM: THE National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET) has ordered Dodoma based DECCA College of Health and Allied Sciences (DECOHAS) to refund all fees and expenses paid by 17 students who were fraudulently admitted to pursue a Community Health course and ultimately expelled from the college.

Equally, the council has taken the responsibility of allocating the students to other government basing on their performance stating this month and the college will be under three-year supervision to monitor its operations.

NACTVET Director of Quality Assurance Dr Jofrey Oleke told journalists in Dar es Salaam on Friday that the college has been penalized commensurate with the gravity of the offense and the conditions of their registration under the council’s laws and regulations.

Adding to that, the punishment followed the session on Monday to discuss the consequences that had been made.

“The council has taken several actions against the respective college after learning that 17 students were dismissed from the institution after reporting fraud, including ordering the institution to refund all affected students the fees paid during their academic careers and other expenses as specified in the joining instructions they were given,” he explained.

According to him, the college will be under special surveillance for three years, and if it commits any more offenses, it will be closed down.

In parallel, Dr Oleke urged parents and students to confirm the accreditation of the colleges’ programs and the registration of those institutions to prevent being deceived by dishonest individuals.

“The council would like to take this opportunity to encourage parents and students who plan to enroll in a various college for the academic year 2023-2024 to think about checking out the colleges and the validity of the programs they have selected on the council website,” he insisted.

He noted that there is a challenge by some colleges to conduct unregistered courses, contrary to procedures, rules, and regulations.

“Recently, you have witnessed through the media complaints about these 17 students of the DECOHAS in Dodoma who were fraudulently admitted to the Community Health course, which has been cancelled since 2019, and the council has notified all relevant parties of this. But in defiance of protocol, this college still admitted the students to pursue it.” He elaborated.

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